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Should I get one button or multicode remotes?

It depends on your needs. Our company in California suggests one button clicker if you only have one opener and you don't need the other two buttons. Multicode remotes are useful for those having multiple openers or wanting to also operate the car alarm system.

Is it easy to check the sensors?

Testing the opener sensors is very easy. If you want to test them, just put a tissue paper under the closing door to ensure it stops or reverses. If you want to check them, make sure they are dusted, aligned and the little lights are on.

Is it possible to operate an automatic door when there is no electricity?

Yes. Automatic garage doors have safety emergency mechanisms built in them for such situations. You may find the instructions in the manual of the garage door opener. It usually has a switch or a hatch that disengages the door from the motor for manual operation.

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