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Are you looking for some fresh ideas about ways to keep garage doors stable?

When tracks must be replaced

Garage door tracks are important for overhead doors. They are necessary, so that the rollers can slide through and carry the door up and down. If damaged, the dents will obstruct the moving of the rollers. If you get a taller door, change the length of the tracks.

Never go under a garage door when it's opening or closing

Never walk under a garage door when it's in motion as you could easily slip and fall and be injured. Yet there are many homeowners who try to race their door to keep from having to walk around the house to get outside. The few seconds you might save are not worth risking serious injury. Whenever you hear unusual noises or it your door isn't operating exactly as usual, give our experts a call for repairs or maintenance to make absolutely sure your door always stays in perfect condition.

Get weather seals with retainers

The retainers will keep the weather seals firm and will help you replace them faster and easier. The weather strips slide into the retainer and come out in different types. Change them often and our experts in California insist mostly on the frequent replacement of the bottom seal.


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